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I told this doggie that he was a slave to the man. No, no, not the government, the man standing over there. His 'owner'. He argued with me, saying that they were companions. Equals in the relationship. Oh really? He tells you what to do, gives you commands, rewards you for good behavior and punishes you for bad. When he says jump, you say 'how high?' He's the master and you're the pet. Doesn't sound like a very equal relationship to me. But he wouldn't listen to reason. Whatever, he's in denial. Which, is kinda funny, 'cause he was just in De Nile! *Buh dum ching!* Here's one from our visit to the Sydney Opera House. It was really cool!!! Made a new friend on the beach
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03/29/2004 - Neglect: This truck (from our trip to Tracy last month,) has obviously been neglected.

Mini G: Tracy, CA - Photo by John
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