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Yes, we're in Portland now. No, nothing exciting is happening. Mostly we've been looking at rentals so we can move out of Grandpa and Grandma Carleton's place and get our stuff out of storage. Not that I'm complaining; I'm all for relaxing. Time for the annual Staff Recognition Dinner! I got to tag along and be a fly on the wall. (Or gnome on the cake, if you want to be literal.) Pete got a special recognition award for helping set up the Santa Clara University alumni site, inCircle. If you're an SCU alum, you should check it out! So that was exciting. The rest of the dinner was pretty ho hum, and the food was not at all good. Very disappointing. Not what I've come to expect from SCU. But budgets are tight, so I guess you have to scrimp and save anywhere possible. At least there was plenty of beer and wine to ease our pain. Sheelagh's finally ready to start painting the dining room! I think I'll just sit here and watch...not a bad view, eh?
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09/14/2003 - Welcome to the 2003 PeopleSoft Connect Conference! PeopleSoft sure knows how to throw a welcome party...this angel couldn't keep her hands off of me

Mini G: Anaheim, CA - Photo by John
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