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04/16/2004: San Francisco, CA
The Hips played the first of three shows in SF tonight at the Great American Music Hall tonight. You may recall that they called it quits last year, much to John's dismay. He was super excited that they were going to play a few more shows, so he bought us tickets to all three shows! I have a feeling this is going to be a long weekend... (more)

Posted by Tico (Photo by John)


Yeah, when my fav band did their final tour I wanted to go to ALL of their last shows. But, sadly, we only went to two of them (Dallas and Oklahoma City, OK).
Posted by RelientFrenzy Monday April 19th 2004 06:09:46 PM

well, these three were all in sf, so it was pretty easy to make 'em all, though a bit tiring. my ears are still ringing...next time i'll be sure to wear some protection.
Posted by john Tuesday April 20th 2004 08:48:52 PM

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Posted by madods2@yahoo.com Saturday September 02nd 2006 09:45:58 PM

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