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05/24/2004: San Jose, CA
Bill and Angie got kittens! John and I went over to meet 'em, and I quickly found out that they've got an affinity for us gnomes! But I don't know...Vinnie looks kinda hungry. Somebody save me! (more)

Posted by Mini G (Photo by John)


I'm a kitty-kat! I dance and I dance. Can I have one?!
Posted by Dave Tuesday May 25th 2004 02:57:46 PM

you can if you want to adopt vinnie! (bill and angie are keeping vito and audrey, and are only foster homing vinnie until he's old enough to be adopted.)
Posted by john Tuesday May 25th 2004 03:14:46 PM

Ah! They're so adorable...I wanna poke their eyeballs!!!
Posted by RelientFrenzy Tuesday May 25th 2004 05:45:03 PM

you want to poke their eyeballs?!!! that's just mean! well if you can't get enough of the cuteness, here's a ridiculous amount of kitten pics.
Posted by john Tuesday May 25th 2004 07:18:42 PM

It's not mean really, that's just what I say when I think something is cute. All those other pix are too cute too. I took a bunch of pix of my cats today, though they're not kittens anymore. I still want to poke their eyeballs. Heehee. You can see my kitty pix at www.xanga.com/kuzco_obrien (yes, my cat has a xanga site, don't laugh!)
Posted by RelientFrenzy Wednesday May 26th 2004 08:01:58 PM

they're cuties! though i must confess i did laugh when i read that your cat has a website.
vinnie update: angie decided to keep him! she just couldn't bear the thought of separating them and had to adopt him too. hooray!
Posted by john Tuesday June 08th 2004 12:16:09 PM

awww... such a cuddly cute little gnome
Posted by Gregz Tuesday November 02nd 2004 12:40:13 AM

sooo adorable!!!i love kittys!
Posted by mel Tuesday September 26th 2006 04:53:57 PM

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