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02/27/2004: Sunnyvale, CA
Pat's memorial service was today, and it was AWESOME!!! Over 600 people showed up to pay their respect and to celebrate his life. After the service there was a reception so people could share their favorite memories of Pat. It was a great day, with more laughter than tears; just the way Pat would want it.

Posted by Mini G (Photo by John)


there's nothing like a loved one passing away to put things in perspective
Posted by john Friday March 05th 2004 10:17:52 AM

I'm here actually because I've been seeing your gnomes in my e-mailbox (via Yahoo! and I think it's Expedia), and came back for a visit to see what was new, your pictures always make me smile, but this one, all I can say is that I'm really sorry for your loss. Pat sounds like he was incredibly special, and very much loved.
Posted by myla Saturday March 06th 2004 11:49:11 PM

actually, i believe travelocity's the one with the gnome campaign. bill's gnome (the one featured in the ads) came through san francisco a little while back and ludwig got to meet him and show him around the city.
Anyway, I'm glad we can make you smile! And thanks for your condolonces - Pat was indeed a very loved, very special guy.
Posted by john Monday March 08th 2004 02:33:23 PM

I was just going to write you and say that I saw the ad again and it was . . . yep. Ludwig? The gnome has a name? LOL. That's classic. John you're awesome.
Posted by myla Thursday March 11th 2004 11:45:49 PM

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