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05/06/2004: Chico, CA
This one's actually from our Chico trip, and it's for this week's Photo Friday theme, play - I found a skateboard that's just right for me! (Well, mostly.)

Posted by Tico (Photo by John)


as always, very clever.
Posted by myla Friday May 07th 2004 01:29:40 AM

hahah very cute!
Posted by Jinky Friday May 07th 2004 01:57:39 AM

Very clever garden gnome
Posted by Gregz Friday May 07th 2004 05:37:37 AM

LOL, I see him go, look out!
Posted by White Lily's Eyes Friday May 07th 2004 06:47:47 AM

thanks. this was taken at my old house in chico...the people that live there now have a mess of kids, and i found this little skateboard - perfect for an adventurous gnome ready to play.
Posted by john Friday May 07th 2004 01:39:23 PM

very sweet! thanks for a big smile
Posted by Adri Saturday May 08th 2004 05:27:14 AM

Posted by Robin Sunday May 09th 2004 01:23:40 AM

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