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08/30/2003: Sunset Reef, Grand Cayman, BWI
Did three dives today! The first was at Turtle Reef - we wanted to see what it looked like during the day, and we also wanted to find the dive light that John lost the night before. (We did!) After that we picked up Kristen from work and headed down to Sunset House to dive Sunset Reef. That's where we ran into this mermaid cutie - I can even pimp underwater! (more)

Posted by Mini G (Photo by John)


This makes me want to take up underwater photography. No fish, no pretty coral, no anenomes (darn, had to look up the spelling). Quite an original underwater shot IMO.
Posted by Paul Watson Wednesday January 14th 2004 02:05:41 AM

it's actually quite easy to get started...i have a canon s230 (well, i had one, but that's another story) and a canon WP-DC600 underwater case for it. much better than buying an underwater camera - it works great and it's much cheaper. (if you already have the s230.) anyways, of course i took plenty of the standard underwater shots, but on this dive we found this mermaid - she'd been sculpted by some artist specifically for the purpose of being set up underwater. (but i suppose that's where mermaids are usually found, isn't it?) if you ever make it to grand cayman island, you'll have to stop by and tell her i said hi.
Posted by john Wednesday January 14th 2004 02:26:10 PM

Posted by mehrdad_sha2000@yahoo.com Wednesday November 09th 2005 03:42:02 PM

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