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Puppies! John's Aunt Lynda and Uncle Joe have a whole mess of puppies in a kiddie pool in their garage! They have a purebred golden retriever and a purebred black lab. Apparently the two of them got together for a little bowmp-chicka-bow-wow and the result is these cute and cuddly puppies. I got to hop in the pool with the puppies and hang out for a little while. Now I know what they mean by dog pile!!!


Tooooooo cute.
Posted by Dave Monday May 16th 2005 05:35:06 PM

No words can express the amount of cuteness on this page. Can't handle it. Must go out for air... I WANNA PUPPY! WAAAAAAAAH!
Posted by Scotty P Tuesday May 17th 2005 02:45:35 AM

yes, there was much cuteness. i'm sure there's even more now, as jumping, licking, balls-of-energy puppies are even cuter!
Posted by john Tuesday May 17th 2005 01:45:03 PM

OK there should be a law about posting this.much.cuteness. on the Internet
Posted by mylakent@gmail.com Wednesday May 18th 2005 08:28:22 PM

Too many puppies...
Posted by les claypool Wednesday November 01st 2006 03:46:12 PM

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